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TOGRCHosting also offers Web Design for those who need a simple, yet effective web site. Whether you are hosted by us, or not, you can inquire about our services (though, it does make it a little easier on us if you are hosted by us). We offer the following ways of setup and design:

Xoops installation and theme modification. We can modify the original theme to give yours a more original look.

Site Design. We can create a site look based on other sites you like, or based on our own ideas (or yours) if you'd rather. This may include the creation of specific graphics and use of clip art and stock photos.

Site Redesign. If you have an existing site, we can take it and rebuild it for you with the same information.

Search Engine Submission and optimization. We will submit your site to search engines, and optimize the pages as to be picked up easier. (Note: this does not guarantee placement, as that is determined by the search engine company)

Site Maintenance is included for the first month. This will include minor adjustements to what has been done by us, as well as updates to your site. If needed, you may opt for site maintenance to continue for a fee, depending on the amount of updates and changes. Complete redesign are not considered Site Maintenance.

In order to have your web site designed by us, please Contact Us for a quote. Normally, a site price will run anywhere between $100 and $400, depending on how much work is put into the site. Most companies will charge thousands of dollars for a site. We keep the cost down by utilizing pre-made scripts and powerful backend systems like Xoops, which helps keep the creation and setup time down considerably. We also specialize in simple web design. Extensive flash site and complex database and script design is very time consuming, which means a much higher cost. This is why we stick to simple sites. Please feel free to visit the Portfolio to view some sites that we have build.

If you want a custom made web site with custom build scripts, it is also possible. It will take longer to have things ready and will probably cost you more, but you will have a guarantee that no other Web Site will use what you have since the scripts will be custom made.

We use HTML, PHP4, CSS and Javascripts. For more dynamic web sites that require user registration and database usage, we can use any script from Fantastico Library (Xoops is recommended for most dynamic web sites), as well as a few others from outside of the library.

We can make your web site in English or in French, and provide support (communication) in any of the two languages.

If you are interested in having us design or setup your web site, please Contact Us and we will get back to you.

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